What's That Song From The Red Bull Commercial?

You've seen the commercial, and now you want to know the name of the song? Read on

As the manufacturer of the most popular energy drinks in the world, Red Bull knows what they're doing when it comes to promoting their product. One of their methods of promotion is by working hand in hand with the extreme sports markets. Their recent commercial features various extreme athletes including skateboarder Ryan Sheckler, surfer Ian Walsh, B-boy BC-One, and more.

Their advertise also features a track that when combined with the visuals of the commercial -- leaves the viewers with goosebumps. The problem is that it also leaves many wondering which band is behind the song. Check out the commercial below, we'll tell you who it's by below.

Outro - M83

If the commercial above wasn't the one you were thinking of, maybe it's this one?

Sail - AWOLNATION (Unlimited Gravity Remix)

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