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Summer is here! You've fired up the BBQ, the pool is at a warm 80 degrees, and your friends are quickly starting to show up. All that's left to do is get a playlist going. Sure you can you look at our list of the best summer songs, but you'll also want to add more up-to-date music too. No worries, We've compiled a list of staff favorite summer music for 2012.


Metric - Youth Without Youth

Any music from Metric is great for a summer party. Youth Without Youth is no exception.


Atlas Genius - Trojans

Look out world, Australia is on a roll lately with their awesome music. Atlas Genius is their latest export.


Alex Clare - Too Close

Enjoy it while you can, it's a pop song with a hint of dubstep. While I love this mix in Too Close, I'm secretly hoping that pop song infused dubstep doesn't become a thing.


Young Blood - The Naked And Famous

Another fun little summer track, The Naked and Famous has a nice nostalgic feel to it.


Of Monsters And Men - Little Talks

Keep Little Talks for the end of the night when everyone is waiting to dance. It's got a Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros feel to it.


The Black Keys - Tighten Up

Tighten Up is the latest single from The Black Keys and is a safe bet for any party.


The Lumineers - Ho Hey

Being mistaken for Mumford and Sons is definitely a good thing for The Lumineers. This song is perfect for unwinding after overeating at the BBQ.


M83 - Midnight City

M83's Midnight City works a bit better when the sun starts to set but it's definitely going to get people asking "what's that song?" if they don't know it.


Grouplove - Tongue Tied

Grouplove's Tongue Tied has been getting a lot of love on the radio lately. For good reason too, Tongue Tied is fun little tune.


Fun - We Are Young

The song that finally kicked GOTYE's Somebody I Used To Know off the music top list stateside. Fun's We Are Young doesn't dissappoint .

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